joi, 3 iulie 2014

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Between two clouds, there is an interval and that interval is the blue sky! Slow down the thoughts and look into the intervals. Yes! Look into the intervals and pay more attention to the interval than the cloud!

Where the first thought has left and the other is not arisen, that is Consciousness, that is Freedom, that is your own place, your own abode. You are always there, you see.

Shift attention, change the gestalt. Don't look at the figure, look at the background! If I put a big blackboard the size of a wall here and mark it with a white point and ask you, "What do you see?" Ninety-nine percent of you will not see the blackboard! (Laughs) You will say, "I see a little white spot." Such a big blackboard and its not seen, and only a little white spot, which is almost invisible is seen! Why? Because this is the fixed pattern of the mind. To look at the figure , not the blackboard, to look at the cloud , not at the sky; to look at the thought and not Consciousness.

That's all the teaching is. Always look to Consciousness. Always look to Consciousness and know this is what you are! This is your own place, your own abode, Stay Here. No one can touch you. Who can enter Here where you are? Even your mind cannot enter.

~ Papaji

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